Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Meet Juliet

Since I haven't been posting anything other than finished projects, I guess it's appropriate to be introducing you to Juliet so late. She is almost five months old now, and such a wonderful part of our little family! Here she is posing with her crib quilt. It will live on the end of her bed (or as a playmat on the floor) until she is old enough to snuggle with it!

JJ's Quilt

Juliet Jeanne was born December 4th. She is much smaller than her big brother was (25th percentile vs his 95+) and it is still a surprise to me that I have a baby girl.

Meet Juliet

Though we didn't know if she was a boy or girl until she was born, we didn't finish her room until after she arrived, so I was able to include a decent amount of pink in the fabrics. I tried not to go overboard!

Natural Habitat

It is hard to imagine our lives without her.

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