Monday, April 27, 2009

Pleated Pouch Directions

Thanks for all the interest in the little pleated pouch I made for Miya! A lot of you asked for a tutorial, but it's really constructed just like my organizer pouch with just a slight change to the outer fabric:

- Instead of upholstery weight fabric for the outer pieces, I used cotton and didn't interface it or anything.
- Cut the lining fabric and interfacing to 11.5"x7" still but cut the outer fabric 12"x7" (you can make the top edge wider if you want deeper pleats, but keep the bottom edge 12" - it will be a trapezoid).
- Do the pockets/lining/strap same as in the original tutorial.
- Before installing the zipper -->

Mark your 12x7" outer piece at the center and 3" in from either side.

Fold from left to right at each mark, pinch a scant 1/4" and fold back from right to left.

Pin and move on to assembling the pouch.

- Install the zipper. Trim the lining as shown in the original tutorial but don't trim the outer fabric. Finish assembly as usual, adding the strap, including the mitred corners, turning right side out, etc.

Hopefully that's enough detail! Let me know if you have any questions.

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