Sunday, April 19, 2009

For Another Charlie

Well, we survived the flood yesterday, though when we finally ventured out we saw plenty of stranded cars, stuck even after the water receded. I heard we got 6" of rain in about an hour! While the storm raged, I finished putting together the sweet little elephant for my cousin's new baby.

Elephant Sampler for Charlie

This is a cousin on Pete's side of the family, and she named her little boy Charlie just like my nephew! David is a family name, the baby's grandfather, Pete's uncle.

Detail of the Sweet Elephant

It's a little more identical to Corinne's than I had planned, but I love it. I hope little Charlie, and Charlie's mom and dad, like this little embroidery to commemorate his arrival!

Spring to Finish Update:
Here are my challenge goals:
1. Baby Blankies (x4): one two three four
2. Quilted Pillows
3. Flutterby Quilt
4. Wedding Commission: 16 of 20 blocks done
5. Elephant Sampler

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