Thursday, March 12, 2009

Keeping Up

Another of my resolutions was to keep my craft room tidy and inspiring. Not doing too good since this is what it's looked like for the past several weeks:

But after some spring cleaning (and house cleaning procrastination) it now looks better!

I've also added some new storage... I picked up these drawers and glass jars for my scraps at Ikea:

And my mother-in-law saved these awesome skinny drawers from the dentist's office where she works - they had to get all new furniture/equipment after the hurricane and were getting rid of these! They're a perfect fit for 12x12 paper and I also think I'll use them to sort my huge box of zippers (under the desk in those pictures above).

Now I'll feel better sitting at my sewing machine without the mess around me...

I've been in a little bit of a craft funk and just "wow the year is going quickly" funk the past while so this post at Toni's recently was a nice boost. I thought I'd share it here for those that might enjoy it too.

1. I am a one of a kind creation. There is no one else just like me nor will there ever be.

2. I stand tall because I am at peace with who I am, I like myself.

3. I take joy in my strengths, talents and skills. I have many.

4. I am aware of my faults but do not let them become a millstone around my neck.

5. I love and accept others freely because I am loved and accepted unconditionally.

6. I am free to praise others because I am not inferior.

7. I can laugh at myself because sometimes I am clueless, awkward, and say the wrong thing. I won't beat myself up for it.

8. I will take my mistakes as opportunities to grow and then move on.

8. I do not look for faults in others to make myself feel better. All of us are in process.

9. I am beautiful because I focus on the inside of who I am, and that overflows to the outside.

10. I will remember this list when my confidence feels shaky, because that certainly happens.

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