Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Every year for Christmas I give my husband a photo calendar with photos from the year just finished. I usually just go through Snapfish or Kodak. Since I am now the proud owner (finally) of a working color printer, I decided to design his calendar myself.

Each page is 6" wide and 11" tall and has photos from our three 2008 trips - Costa Rica, Chicago, and Las Vegas/Arizona. I highlighted our birthdays, work holidays, and anniversary.

I was going to punch a hole in the top of each page to hang it but I found this cool clip and glued a magnet to the back instead, to hold the pages and hang at work on his magnetic wall.

My original inspiration for this came from Story by Mia on Etsy with this calendar - now sold out.

I am so happy with this! It will be fun next year to redesign with 2009 photos.

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