Friday, January 02, 2009

Goals for Oh Nine

I'm not big on resolutions, but I thought it might be fun to set a few challenging craft-related goals for 2009 and see how I can do.

Phantom Ranch

#1 - Keep my craft room under control. I want my room to be inspiring (like Happy Zombie and Alicia) and right now it is plain and messy!

#2 - Use fabric faster than I buy it. Right now I am stashing fabric a lot faster than I use it and I want to reverse this so I don't feel guilty coming home with the latest and greatest!

#3 - Learn how to sew clothes. I have bought many patterns and books and yardage to do this and never actually made anything I'm proud of. First on my list is a skirt from my Built by Wendy book, but I'd really like to make some clothes for work, too.

Grand Canyon from Kaibab

If I can handle three this year, maybe I'll try a few more than that in 2010!

Photos courtesy of our trip to the Grand Canyon. Traveling and improving my photography are ongoing goals!

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