Saturday, August 27, 2005

Small Crafting

Nothing too much big to show today. My sister suggested making simple pouches, to hold things that we don't want to fall out of our purses, if you know what I mean. I dipped a little into my Amy Butler stash and here's the result:

These are super easy to make, and I think I'll modify the design to make little pouches for the jewelry I'm donating to the United Way auction at my work.

I also made another baby blanket like these.

This one has a silver border, but is otherwise the same as the others. Oh, and I noticed I had a couple whole zoo animals on my scraps, so I cut two out and machine-appliqued them to the back of the blanket.

This is going to the recipient today, along with some clothes or toys from their registry, so hopefully he likes it! (As much as a 7 week old can like anything, anyway!)