Saturday, May 07, 2005

April Block

A local quilt shop (apparently ranked very high in some national quilting magazine) does a Block of the Month deal. You pay for the first set of supplies, and if you finish your block and bring it to the next meeting, you get that month's supplies free. Quite cool! I got in a little late this month, so I had to do my block tonight in order to take it tomorrow to get next month's... Anyway, this is my first time ever doing piecing like this, and I have to admit I thought it would be easier. Here is how it came out:

I'm not sure if it's because I didn't cut the pieces out myself - my mother-in-law did to save me time, and I do trust her, but I suppose there's a chance some of the pieces were cut a little off - or just because I stink at doing consistent seam allowances... whatever the problem, it is definitely a little crooked. Oh well, not bad for my first try!

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